No Loss Trading Strategy 100% Working

No Loss Option Strategy
Yes, This Is Possible. You Can Make Almost 100% Sure Money Trading In Option With This Strategy. In Options, No Matters What Is The Trend, Most Buyers Always Lose Their Money To The Market. So You Have To Be On The Selling Side To Make Money, Means You Have To Write Options. Learn More About How To Trade Options In India. No Loss Option Strategy Rules Are As Follows:

This Strategy Will Give Its Result In A Minimum 1-Month Time Frame So You Have To Patience.
no loss option strategy no-loss-option-strategy education future option

The Entry Period Is At The Start Of Expiry Month Or 1-2 Days Before It.
The Exit Will Be At Expiry Hours Or 1-2 Days Before It.
Need Minimum 2 Lakhs Capital For Stock Options While For Index Option Around 1 Lakhs Is Sufficient To Get 10-20%. Or In Multiple Of This Minimum Capital.
In 90-95% Times Losses Does Not Occur But In Very Volatile Or On Major Collapse Or Rise, Minor Losses Can Be Expected.
Always Choose A Very Liquid Index Or Stock Options To Trade This Strategy. Traders Must Keep Stop Loss As Per Risk Profile Or If The Loss Exceeds 5% Of The Total Capital Invested.
To Lock Profits If You Are Having Multiple Lots Of Capital Then Can Follow Accumulate Strategy.

No Loss Option Strategy : “In This Strategy, You Have To Write Extreme In The Money Call And Put Options At The Same Time And Hold Them Till Expiry. This Strategy Always Pays 10-20% Average Return On Capital”

Stock No Loss Option Strategy
no loss option strategy Reliance_Industries_Logopng-600×414 education future option

Now See Stock Options Example Of How To Apply Loss Options Strategy.
For Example, Take This Reliance Aug Expiry Stock Options. On The Monthly Pivot Point Chart, R2 Is 1130 While S2 Is 930.
So At The Start Of The Month, If Traders Write, 1120 Put Option And 940 Call Options. 1120 Put Options Which Were Trading At 124 Rupee Premium On 31 July 2015 .And 940 Call Options Were Trading At 71 Rupee Premium On 31 July 2015.
So To Write These Options, SPAN And EXPOSURE Margin Will Be Around 60,000 Rupee And Total Premium Paid Will Be 195. So Premium Value Is 195 * Lot Size 250 = 48750/-.
So The Total Capital Required Was Almost 1.1 Lakhs Rupee. On 18 Aug 2015, Reliance Stock Is Trading At 946 Rupee Level. Which Was Trading At 1002 Rupee On 31 St July 2015. Now, 940 Call Option Is Trading At 21 Rupees And 1120 Put Option Is Trading At 157.
So On 18 Aug 2015, The Total Premium Gain Will Be 17 Rupees. Means Rs. +4250/ Profit Which Is Almost 4% Return On Capital Till Date.At Expiry, With Market Movement, This Will Get Extend To 10-20% Return On Capital.

Index No Loss Option Strategy
no loss option strategy nifty education future option

Now See Index Options Example For This No Loss Options Strategy.
As Above Nifty Monthly Pivot Point Chart Shows, In August 2015, Nifty R2 Was At 8840 And S2 Was At 8140.
So At The Start Of Month Traders Can Write 8800 Put Options And 8200 Call Options. Right Now Nifty Is Trading Around 8500 And On 31 July It Was Trading At 8570. On 31st July 2015, Nifty 8800 Put Option Premium Was At Around 350 Rupee And Nifty 8200 Call Options Premium Was 395.
Total Is 745 * Nifty Lot Size 25 = 18,625/- Total Required SPAN And EXPOSURE Margin Will Be Around 25,000/-. So Total Capital Required To Trade Nifty No Loss Options Strategy Was Around 45,000 Rupees. On 18 Aug 2015, Nifty 8200 Call Options Premium Is Trading At 300 Rupee And Nifty 8800 Put Option Premium Is Trading At 280.
Total 580 Rupees So The Total Gain Of 165 Rupee Premium On 18 The Aug 2015. Means Rs. +4125/- Gains. On Total Capital Investment, It Is Almost 10% Return To Date.
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Rewritten Content:
No Loss option strategy
sure, that is feasible. you could Make nearly 100% certain money buying and selling In option With This method. In options, No subjects what is the trend, maximum consumers usually Lose Their money To The market. so that you must Be on the selling aspect To Make money, manner you have to Write alternatives. examine greater about how to alternate alternatives In India. No Loss option strategy policies Are As Follows:

This approach Will supply Its bring about A minimum 1-Month Time frame so you must endurance.
no loss option strategy no-loss-option-method training future alternative

The entry duration Is at the start Of Expiry Month Or 1-2 Days before It.
The go out might be At Expiry Hours Or 1-2 Days earlier than It.
want minimal 2 Lakhs Capital For inventory alternatives even as For Index alternative around 1 Lakhs Is sufficient To Get 10-20%. Or In more than one Of This minimum Capital.
In ninety-95% instances Losses Does now not arise however In Very volatile Or On important fall apart Or rise, Minor Losses can be anticipated.
continually pick out a completely Liquid Index Or stock options To exchange This strategy. buyers need to hold stop Loss As in keeping with hazard Profile Or If The Loss Exceeds five% Of the entire Capital Invested.
to fasten income if you Are Having multiple plenty Of Capital Then Can observe collect approach.

No Loss option approach : “in this strategy, you have to Write extreme in the money call And positioned options on the equal Time And maintain Them until Expiry. This approach always pays 10-20% common return On Capital”

stock No Loss option strategy
no loss option method Reliance_Industries_Logopng-600×414 education destiny alternative

Now See stock options instance Of a way to apply Loss options approach.
for example, Take This Reliance Aug Expiry inventory options. at the monthly Pivot factor Chart, R2 Is 1130 at the same time as S2 Is 930.
So at the begin Of The Month, If buyers Write, 1120 positioned option And 940 call options. 1120 placed options Which had been buying and selling At 124 Rupee top rate On 31 July 2015 .And 940 call options were buying and selling At seventy one Rupee top rate On 31 July 2015.
So to jot down these options, SPAN And exposure Margin can be round 60,000 Rupee And overall top rate Paid can be 195. So top rate fee Is 195 * Lot length 250 = 48750/-.
So the entire Capital Required turned into almost 1.1 Lakhs Rupee. On 18 Aug 2015, Reliance inventory Is buying and selling At 946 Rupee degree. Which changed into trading At 1002 Rupee On 31 St July 2015. Now, 940 call option Is trading At 21 Rupees And 1120 positioned option Is buying and selling At 157.
So On 18 Aug 2015, the whole premium benefit might be 17 Rupees. manner Rs. +4250/ profit Which is sort of 4% go back On Capital until Date.At Expiry, With marketplace movement, this will Get make bigger to 10-20% return On Capital.

Index No Loss option method
no loss option method nifty schooling destiny alternative

Now See Index options example For This No Loss options strategy.
As Above Nifty monthly Pivot factor Chart indicates, In August 2015, Nifty R2 was At 8840 And S2 became At 8140.
So at the start Of Month investors Can Write 8800 positioned alternatives And 8200 call options. proper Now Nifty Is buying and selling round 8500 And On 31 July It changed into trading At 8570. On 31st July 2015, Nifty 8800 put option premium became At around 350 Rupee And Nifty 8200 call options top rate turned into 395.
total Is 745 * Nifty Lot size 25 = 18,625/- overall Required SPAN And publicity Margin may be round 25,000/-. So overall Capital Required To trade Nifty No Loss options method become around 45,000 Rupees. On 18 Aug 2015, Nifty 8200 name alternatives premium Is trading At three hundred Rupee And Nifty 8800 put option premium Is buying and selling At 280.
total 580 Rupees So the whole benefit Of 165 Rupee top class On 18 The Aug 2015. way Rs. +4125/- profits. On total Capital investment, it is nearly 10% go back thus far.
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Invest in Share Market and make good profit, Bank nifty trading strategy No.1

Learn with नमस्कार दोस्तो में आप सभी का हार्दिक स्वागत है। दोस्तो मैंने आपको डिमैट account के बारे में बता दिया । लेकिन आज हम bank nifty की एक strategy समझेंगे जिससे आप intraday में अच्छा पैसा कमा सकते हो। तो चलिए शुरू करते हैं।

How earn online money

How earn online money

सबसे पहले banknifty का chart open कीजिये। चार्ट ओपन करने के बाद उसमें आपको तीन formula लगाना है। chart में सबसे ऊपर fx लिखा है उस पर क्लिक करो। उसके बाद उसमें पहले से लगे सारे formula को delete कर दो। इसके बाद उसमें तीन formula जो मैं आपको नीचे बता रहा हूँ। वो लगा दो।

1. First Formula―Click on Fx and Type Moving Average Now select and set as per below

  • Period- 05
  • Field- close
  • Type- exponential
  • Offset- 0
  • And colour Red

2. Second Formula- Click on Fx and Type Moving Average, Select ma and set as per below

  • Period- 20
  • Field-. Close
  • Type-. Exponential
  • Offset- 0
  • And colour Green

3. Third Formula- click on fx and type pivot point and select pivot point and click on done.

अब आपके चार्ट में एक green और एक red line होगी और pivot point सेट हो जाएगी।

Learn with

अब आपको 1 day का चार्ट लेना है और 15 मिनट की timeframe select करनी है। अब यदि रेड line green line को काटकर नीचे जाती है तो आप उस पॉइंट पर (जंहा दोनो ने एक दूसरे को काटा है) Sell order लगा सकते हो। इसके विपरीत आपको buy order लगाना है।

अब order place करने के बाद exit कँहा करे? यदि आपने sell किया और उसके बाद जंहा आपको buy signal मिले वंहा आप अपनी position को exit कर सकते हो। ऊपर एक फोटो को देखकर आप अच्छे से समझ जाओगे। इस फोटो में देखिए red line ने 19300 पर buy signal दिया अभी प्राइस 20800 चल रही है। मतलब 1500 point का profit।

Total profit 1500×20= 30000/Lot

Control on your Greed and Fear. One day you will become successful trader.

धन्यवाद दोस्तो मिलते है अगली बार एक नई स्ट्रेटेजी के साथ तब तक के लिए नमस्कार।

आपको कोई भी doubt आये तो आप कमेंट करके हमसे पूछ सकते हैं।

How earn online money

Earn monthly 2500$ by work from home. चलिए शुरू करते है अपनी पहली ब्लॉग

सबसे पहले दोस्तो आप सभी को नमस्कार। आप सब लोग घर पर रहिये और सुरक्षित रहिये। कोरोना जैसी महामारी का इलाज नही है। इसलिए इस lockdown period का कुछ अच्छे से use कीजिये।

आज मैं आप लोगो को earning के कुछ way बताता हूं। लेकिन दोस्तो मेहनत आप सब को पूरी करनी पड़ेगी।

(1) वेबसाइट और ब्लॉगिंग से आप अच्छी income start कर सकते हो। google पर आप search कीजिये आपको बहुत सारी वेबसाइट मिल जायेगी जो आपके लिए free में वेबसाइट और blog बना कर देगी। इसके बाद यदि आपको लिखने में interest नही है तो आप एक writer को Hire भी कर सकते हो। यदि आपने कंटेंट अच्छा लिखा तो एक महीने आप एक साइट और ब्लॉग से 200-300$ आराम से earn कर सकते हो।

[2] Youtube यदि आप वीडियो बना सकते हो तो यूट्यूब पर आप अच्छी earning कर सकते हो। लेकिन आपको 6 month के बाद ही एर्निंग स्टार्ट हो पाएगी। यूट्यूब का नया rule सबको पता होगा। ad monetize के लिए आपके चैनल पर 1000 subscriber और 4000 watch hour complete होना चाहिए। विडीओ content कँहा से लाये तो आपको ये problem हो सकती है। लेकिन आप को जिस sector में रुचि है उसी पर काम कीजिये। यदि आपको यूट्यूब पर harsh beniwal की तरह comedy नही आती तो कुछ tech के video बना सकते हो। स्टार्टिंग में 0 इन्वेस्टमेंट से स्टार्ट कीजिये। पहले 1 महीने तक आप daily एक दिन छोड़कर video डालिये और व्यूज और subcriber के बारे में मत सोचो। आपको धीरे धीरे सफलता मिलनी start हो जाएगी।

Here is my youtube channel

तो friends आज मैंने दो तरीकों के बारे में अच्छे से समझाया है। बाकी आपको कुछ भी पूछना हो तो आप मुझे comment करके बता दीजिए।